Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

13 things We don’t know about women

1. Even if it’s cheap jewelry from the drug store, we’ll get all girlie and adore you for it. ( Tag the
price tag and label off, fellas )
2. When you order before us, the waiter secretively throws us disgusted glance
urging us to break up with you.
3. Hot girls wants you to call them smart. Smart girl want you to call them smart.
4. If you cry when we dump you. There will never be any post breakup sex. I know
It’s not fair, because we can cry and tear up the join and chances are you’ll toss
It our way a month later. But seriously, keep it together.
5. We don’t care about your balls, we don’t care how big they are or how many you
have. They’re bothersome little friends we need to be nice to in order top play with the Fun Guy.
6. When you say, “All I did was kiss her”
a) You are already in trouble.
b) We know it isn’t true.
7. We love porn. You know those trashy romance novels you aunt read? Yeah pure
Porn. We just need epic drama and petticoats to feel okay about our smut.
8. Lets slow down on the coed high-fiving. It makes us feel like dudes.
9. When we have an orgasm, our breast release a chemical that makes men fall asleep. Its true. I
read it in a erotic handbook.
10. The “P-mate,” the “Whiz,” and the “TravelJohn” are three devices that help women pee standing up.
11. Women over the age of twenty-two almost never get pregnant by surprise. If she want to keep
the baby and marry you immediately. You are, in fact, being trapped.
12. Because we don’t have prostate gland, that’s why. If you don’t know the question or understand
the answer, look it up.
13. Women are crazy. But if you tell you girlfriend, “I read in esquire that a woman admitted that
women are crazy,” she’ll call you an idiot. Know that we know we are nuts, and tuck that away in
your manly heart.

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