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7 Ways To Overcome Obstacles In Your Life

1. Imagine Your Life Without the Obstacle.
Experiencing the possibility of your life without the restriction can often provide enough energy to tackle the obstacle. “What if you DID have the (time, money, resources, partner)? Then what?”

2. Consider What Worked In Your Past.
Explore what you did in similar station situations. When you actively reflect on your past successes, you build integrity, courage, and confidence. You may even find the answer (or at least understand to the next steps you need to take to get there). “Remember when you faced an obstacle like this before? What did you do to beat it?”

3. Brainstorm.
Spend 10 minutes writing / jotting down ideas on a piece of paper (or type if you prefer). Use a timer and don’t stop writing until the alarm sounds. Use questions to frame your brainstorming, such as: “A list of options that I can use to overcome this obstacle.” Or “What resources do I need to overcome this obstacle and where can I get them?”

4. Take Your Obstacles Outside of Yourself.
Internal obstacles have the most power over us when we keep them inside, unexamined and not understood. When you bring them out, name them, and talk about them with others they lose much of their power. “What’s the worst thing that could happen? If that did happen, what would you do about it?”

5. Use Your Fear As A Tool.
One way to learn more about an obstacle is to intentionally do the thing you are afraid of in small doses and then track what happens inside as you do it. Often, you will find that the biggest obstacle was the story you’ve created around the obstacle, and not the obstacle itself. “What’s one thing you fear that you could engage just for a few minutes this week? After you face it, how do you feel? What’s happening for you?”

6.Create Possible Scenarios In Your Mind.
Sometimes we can’t imagine living without certain obstacles. We may cling to a risk aversion tactic that we think protects us, but actually causes us great loss. Or we may hang onto a response pattern that helped us cope in childhood, but doesn’t work at the office. It can be hard to even contemplate letting go of a deep-seated belief or an important safeguard. One way to work with this is to create imaginary scenarios that let you play with new ideas or beliefs without committing yourself to them. “Imagine that you can see into the future and nothing is going to happen that will eat into your financial reserves for the next five years. How would that change the ways that you spend your time and energy?”

7. Find The Reason For Doing What You Do.
Even if an idea or behavior seems irrational on the surface, it makes sense within the rationality of the person who chose it. If you can find the reason and bring it to the surface you can often change your behavior. “Consider one of your behaviors. What led you to doing it? What was the reasoning behind it?

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